Square Mile Feedback

Last week I had my first ‘assessment’ from my tutor. I opted to have a video meeting with the tutor as I find those the most useful, the ability to delve into the feedback deeper in the moment helps me understand the specifics of the critique.

Overall I feel the feedback was very positive, with the majority of notes being on minor technical corrections which I completely agreed with and have completed already.

Correcting converging vertices on the images of the Uni and Office. This was to bring the images more in line with the rest of the series.

I chose to stay with the original images as my Tutor feedback he felt the convergence does lend a sense of foreboding to the images and that the suggestion to correct was to judge how they loo in comparison. I feel, though unintentional, that the foreboding is something I wanted to maintain. Also I found tat due to the size of the buildings getting a level plane with the images to help with the issue wasn’t possible without some sort of raised structure. Also the correction needed was too much for software, causing massive loss of images to the lower corners. My Tutor also suggested re-cropping the Office image to correct the dissection of the lines on the left and right hand sides. This can cause distraction as the crop going right through those lines.I feel this is again very valid and I will compare different crops to suit.

Correcting white density on the Uni and Office images to prevent the white of the image blending with the white of the background, causing the eye to wander off the page.

This I feel is a very valid point and not something I would have thought of naturally. My tutor suggested altering the white point of the image to correct this issue, a small enough change would prevent the loss of white but differentiate the image from a white background enough. Another suggestion was to just alter the affected area. I chose to add a dodge/burn mask to the top of the image using the gradient to bring the exposure back down slightly reintroducing a slight blue hue to the white. I felt it was a little more in keeping with the other images which present a hint of colour to the sky.

‘Salford Shopping’ image need more correction to the verticals as the tower appear slightly askew and converging.

Another very valid point on the image, whilst my tutor did point out that the intended effect of an askew vertical can be unsettling, the propose of the image was not that. I pulled the image back into Lightroom and further corrected the vertical whilst also pulling the horizontal to maintain the integrity.

‘Graffiti’ Consider using a different image from my contact sheet which includes a different point of secondary interest such as a passing car.

The idea suggested by my tutor was the conflict of seeing an expensive car in the foreground with the graffiti about homelessness. He provided examples of how to challenge a viewers interpretation of an image by subverting the expected norm. I feel his feedback was very useful and actually supported my ideas for my next assignment. Unfortunately I didn’t feel I had another image worthy of replacing the current choice. Also I felt the image of the man engrossed in his phone whilst ignoring the world around was in keeping with the overall theme of the series. I do look forward to experimenting more with the suggestions provided in the future though.

The lock image could possibly be shot with a smaller aperture to bring out the detail more to clarify it is a lock.

Again I agree with the feedback on this image. I shot at a very wide aperture to ensure the lock is out of focus, but on reflection I could have achieved the same effect with a smaller aperture as suggested. I feel that a reshoot for a minor change like this isn’t really necessary but I will in the future shoot several repeat images at multiple apertures to ensure I don’t miss out on that opportunity to change in the future.

Overall Points

The final points on the feedback given were several I am aware of as development areas. Firstly ensure I am recording my learning regularly and documenting the research and reading I do in the learning log.

Keep working towards building series of images and consider the narrative of the series more.

I feel these are all very fair points, I have a long history of photography as a hobby but as with most hobbyist my focus has always on finding the ‘one’ image. I do also feel that whilst I am happy with the overall series and the technical aspects of the images I took for the assignment, I would like to see more ‘narrative’. I don’t feel that the series directly links back to the overall theme of the subject I wanted to capture as effectively as I wanted. In the feedback discussion we talked about how I could further grow this series across multiple assignments, this is my goal for the next few modules as with additional images I think I could really capture all sides of the story I want to communicate. As for recording my learning, this has always been problem for me as I do so much in the moment and through casual observation, I forget to document where and what has influenced my decisions.

Thankfully, my tutors feedback on technique and composition was excellent, I found that a big confidence boost as I have never studied photography before and was concious of the fact I may be setting myself up to fail having never been formally taught how to compose images or even use my camera. Thankfully years of mistakes and lots of books and magazines have helped me through that.

The corrected images are below reflecting the changes suggested.

Unfortunately I appear to have lost the original image of the ‘Office’ prior to the original cropping. Having switched from using Apple Photos to Lightroom it appears some images have become lost in the library shift. At this time I will leave the crop as is but I have applied to changes to the white as suggested.

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