Second Exploration

Today I took to the streets of Salford to shoot some ideas I had been having for the square mile assignment. I’m uploading images as I go to give me the opportunity to reflect on my progress.

I took to exploring the other side of my concept of social inequality today, focussing on less wealthy areas of the area I have chosen to cover. I found it quite hard to find specific images to support the concept I have so I’ve just explored various areas and let the camera shoot hopefully this will help me process the exact collection I want to showcase.

Whilst walking I conceived a 3 stage collection covering, desire, choice and necessity. The three concepts I feel encompass how people live their lives. The location of the Uni seems central to the transition between these different stages of living.

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Listed below are the links to the research behind the socio-economic influences of my Square Mile assignment https://www.sal


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