Project 2: Lens Work – Research Point

‘The most political decision you make is where you direct people’s eyes’ – Wim Wenders (1997)

Woof times

I chose this image to reflect the quote chosen as I felt that the image captured several of the key points of the exercise whilst being literally about the direction of eyes.

The code I chose was the use of shallow depth of field.

The title I selected is ‘Woof Times’ mainly for the play on words with rough times highlighting the dog in the image and pulling it back to the intent.

This is an image from assignment 1 that my tutor commented on with two points that I found justified and useful, these points also support the above quote and exercises.

I used depth of field to focus the attention of the observer on the children’s playground setting the context of the image. Using the eyes of the dog to direct the observer to the context of the image, that of a restricted area.

I feel that had I just shot the mural straight on it would have told a different story, it is only with the inclusion of the gates and lock that the image becomes the political statement on exclusion and poverty that I was hoping to capture.

The feedback that the angle of the shot meant the dogs eyes were not quite looking at the intended point and that the depth of field was a causing a little too much blur to the point are both valid and support criticisms.

For me, the quote I choose is most relevant to the intent of my work, I want to develop a style that challenges people’s initial thoughts and leads them on a journey of discover which will hopefully open their mind to new concepts and realities that exist in our world. It is only through carefully considering the techniques of framing, depth of field and composition that a complex concept can be delivered through the medium of the still image. Also I understand it is my responsibility to deliver the message as intended especially when, as the quote states, it is a political decision.

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