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It’s been a while since I visited the gallery for research into exhibiting images and objects as part of the work I have been doing towards assignment 2.

I took the time to capture several images that reminded of of modern works. I found it interesting that whilst we consider several different techniques, methods and interpretations ‘modern’ art, the principles can be traced back to painters over hundreds of years.

The images below, I feel, represent how photographers today have adopted techniques from the past such as how to achieve eye pleasing colours artists will bend the truth on what they see, exaggerating certain hues whilst suppressing others. Also the use of multiple exposures blended together to help balance shadows and highlights and enhanced colour depth through HDR creations can be linked back to how painters would chose to either capture silhouettes or to treat light as more malleable to achieve the same effect we see today.

Also I observed the use of wide aspect ratios to capture a sense of the epic and to place the observer within a scene. The scenes are obviously not being captured in a fraction of a second as with a camera, so one could say the images are composites akin to the manipulation of images we see with software today and finally the use of light to highlight certain points of the image that the artist wishes to be observed. This final technique is a personal favourite as I feel it give layers and a secret depth to the image, a reward for truly considering the whole image rather than just being there as a technical composition technique.

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