Exercise 5.1: The Distance Between Us

Fo this exercise will have chosen the subject of Manchester Pride

The subject of title ‘The Distance Between Us’ immediately made me think of the relationships we have. The closeness that comes with opening up emotional with another person and also the external perceptions of those relationships. I felt Pride was an excellent example of people coming together with a common goal to celebrate the LGBT community, to celebrate those relationships and to demonstrate the love and understanding that goes unspoken but very evident amongst every person at that event.

This was a shoot I really enjoyed completing, I met some fantastic people learnt more about their interests and reasons for being at pride and really built some confidence in approaching and engaging with poeple with my photography.

The image I have chosen is one I worked hard to capture for the layered message it conveys.

God Adores You

This image for me captured so many of the concepts of the event for me. Reviewing this image I see the recognisable colours of the Pride flag flying high above the mix of people in the forefront of the frame. People of different genders, ages and appearance all walking together framing the subject of my image. The man wearing the free hugs t-shirt holding aloft a sign proclaiming God Adores You. This is so significant as he stands in front of the anti-pride protestors based in this specific point of the parade. I tried dozens of captures trying to get to this final image and for me what makes the final selection my favourite is the fact he caught sight me and looked directly to camera, this simple action really ties me as the observer to him. That connection across the crowd and street brings me into his world bridging that distance between us. Two subtle details I hadn’t previously noticed were that the light catches the signage on the building just right to highlight that this is outside a church, a place of love Adam peace as the base of such hatred highlighted by the protest signs behind the subject, secondly I noticed the stop sign on the right sneaking into frame which I would normal crop out but in a way kind of highlights that this path, towards the protesters, is not the way to go.


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