Exercise 2.2: Viewpoint

Does zooming in from a fixed viewpoint change the appearance of things?

The premise of Exercise 2.2 is to explore the changes in the image caused by the alteration of the zoom and camera position. For this I called on the support of my pup Jasmine as she loves the camera and is a very flexible model willing to pose for only a scruff of her neck in return.

For this exercise I used a 28-70mm f3.5-f5.6 zoom lens which came with my Sony A7II. Using the extremes of the lens I shot Jasmine against a background of a tree shrouded pathway to create the depth the exercise looks for. This depth highlights how the image changes with the different focal lengths.


This first image was shot at 28mm from a distance of only about 1 metre to close in on Jasmine and fill the frame whilst also leaving room to see the background and surroundings. My observations of this image are that the wide angle does distort the image slightly creating an unnatural perspective. This perspective creates an obvious vanishing point, an increase in size of Jasmine’s face in comparison to her body, I find the image appears flattened by this focal length and the out of focus areas are more distracting as they aren’t blurred enough and appear messy.


This image was shot at 70mm with me having to move several metres further away to replicate the framing of the 28mm shot. I find this portrait much more pleasing for several reasons. Firstly I find that the narrower field of view cut out a lot of the unnecessary sky and surroundings. The increased depth of field increases the background blur separating Jasmine from the green much more. Also I notice that she is represented much more naturally in terms of size and shape, less distortion is caused to her face. Finally Being able to step back from the subject means I was able to frame the path much more easily, which created more interest in the rear of the image.

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