Exercise 1.4: Frame

Gestalt: an organised whole perceived as more than a sum of its parts.

For this exercise the objective was to take a series of images using the viewfinder grid to compose each shot using a different section of the grid as reference. Once completed take 6 or 8 of these images and composite them into a single image.

I used my 28mm-70mm 3.5-5.6 zoom lens for this exercise.

The final image is below along with my thoughts and process.

The brief explained how I should look to shoot several images using various parts of the viewfinder grid to compose these shots.

Top left image, composed using the middle left grid space and using the path to create a pathway through the image. I find that placing the point in the middle of that grid pushes it too far left and I feel composing on the bisection line would have given the sign more space to breath otherwise I see it allows the image to open up to the left especially with a pathway leading through the image. I would also lower the sign I the frame slightly as it leaves dead space in the bottom corner

Top middle image, this was framed with the middle top grid in the viewfinder. Again I feel it pushes the point a little high in the frame but using a light pole does work with the point as it lends to the towering nature of the subject. I do find that particular composition to be a little flat and potentially would have better composed with the pole not directly up the idle of the image.

Top right image, the middle right right grid was used to frame the orange ball. I find this worked quite well because the dog poop balanced out the frame. The ball is little more towards the grid line so isn’t too pushed up against the edge of frame and the bright colour pops against the green. I also think it helps how the grass changes colour under each object and could be exacerbated with colour treatment in post processing.

Bottom left image, the pile of wood was framed I the lower left grid space. Again I feel using the space has pushed the subject right into the corner and I feel it would have been a better composition if I had framed on the cross line of the grid instead. Again I like how it opens up the rest of the frame for the background but would have benefitted from having a path to lead the viewer to a deep subject

Bottom middle image, I used the centre grid square to frame this burnt wheelie bin. Overall I think the composition work well due to the square nature of the subject but overall the image is lacking some interest. I feel that the image would have been inch better if processed to challenge what the object is or if I had inserted another point of interest to challenge the subject such as a flower for life or an unbury object to question the burning.

Bottom right image, this final image was framed in the lower right grid. Whilst I find the pipe an interesting object and the balance of the frame with the trees is quite satisfactory again the depth of the image lacks interest. I also feel the pipe should either be further I the frame or half out instead of just poking out as above.the green in the foreground could be used better to add depth such as shooting from a position that brought more green Ito frame or omitting it completely to prevent distraction.

Finally I composed the grid image using Procreate on my iPad. This was a new challenge working with layer and a blank canvas rather than relying on grid making software. This was a good experience as I normally don’t find an appropriate ‘wizard’ for what I would like to see. For example all these images are displayed at original ratio and size and spaced according to how I felt they looked best rather than a template and reducing the quality or crop of the images to fit the template.

Overall I feel the exercise helped me in shooting a series of images with a similar feel. It also pushed me to capture more images in a environment I may only get one from normally. Reviewing the images has helped me question how I frame images going forward and encouraged me to consider the issues I have raised during this reflection during and before squeezing the shutter button.

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