Collecting First Thoughts

Whilst I have been concentrating on completing assignment 1 ‘Square Mile’, I have been trying to use my time effectively and shoot images for as many exercises and assignments as possible at the same time. I don’t want to miss out on an image just because it doesn’t meet me current brief.

During this time I have been contemplating the potential themes and thoughts behind the next assignment ‘Collecting’. Whilst I have been talking to my tutor, the feedback around how people tend to lean towards the examples given in the brief can lead to repeated themes has lead me to try and think outside the box. Unfortaunetly I keep being drawn back to the examples in the brief.

At first I thought of shooting people who collect, opposed to the objects and items the hold so dear. I also toyed with idea of trophies. Being a runner for many years has given me a lot of medals which adorn my office walls and with many friend who also join in with the ‘fun’ of a 1/2 marathon or 2 I could see a way into it.

But, I always like to find a deeper message to convey. I saw one of my peers work on the collecting of heads like trophies and how she had tried to communicate theme through images of toy animals and them disappearing slow through a mist or defocus.

This has stuck with me and I have been trying to find a modern day version of trophy hunting and displaying the heads of the ‘accomplishments’ upon a wall.

I guess being single in the modern era has lead me to tie this theme back to Tinder. The dating app is in a way almost like a trophy cabinet. A long succession of attractive matches fill your phone, only a portrait of the person to garner interest, a match to convey the success of attracting a mate. A never-ending list of almost meaningless names to peruse at ones pleasure and show off to peers promoting ones sexual superiority.

I’ve decided that I will contact my own matches and ask to shoot their portrait as part of an exploration into why people endlessly collect these matches with little to no attempt to form meaningful relationships with the apposing champion.

The images I would like to capture would reveal the true face of the person, apposed against the public image they portray in their hunt for mate or validation.

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