Collecting Concept Changes

Having completed and submitted assignment 1 my attention was immediately drawn to assignment 2. As outlined in my reflection for assignment 1 I felt I missed the human element of the theme I chose to pursue.

Originally I wanted to explore the theme of collecting as a trophy cabinet. Exploring how people utilize modern day technology to meet new people especially in the dating world. I felt people were being used for validation rather than for genuine connections.

Unfortunately, facilitating meetings through these applications can be difficult due to the way the companies manage their use which resulted in my attempts to connect with potential subjects being treated as spam messaging, business promotion or even possibly bad media for the platforms.

Collecting Reimagined Concept

It was during my shooting trips for assignment 1 that I met the founders of Coffee4Craig a local charity providing support, shelter and food for Manchesters homeless.

I felt this connection linked in with my assignment 1 theme so well that there would be an opportunity to expand the theme further and capture the human element I felt was missing in the original series.

The concept for this series came about after a visit to the Imperial War Museum North, the idea of items being displayed in a way that does not contextualize the objects immediately leaving initial interpretation open until the observer reviews the accompanying items or reference material is the main influence for the concept.

My concept for this series is to capture images of items which are important and valuable to the individuals affected by depravity. I aim to shoot the items methodically and clinically. Initially with controlled lighting and environment. separating the items from the context, leaving the observer to form an opinion in isolation. These objects I want to juxtapose with images of the owner. To create a realization of why these items are important the pairings will be supported with a history of the objects importance. Shooting the individual object owner is a challenge I have yet to find a solution for, I feel I will sample work and perform test shoots to find the exactly style of portraiture I would like to achieve with this series.

Overall my aim is to create three separate feelings along each short journey the observer will take. The coldness of the inanimate object, the discomfort of observing those in need, the warmth of empathizing with an individual over a shared interest or desire.

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