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After completing and submitting assignment 1 I had the opportunity to discuss future ideas with my tutor. I mentioned how I would like to explore portraits for the second assignment as a challenge for myself as its not a format I usually pursue. One concept discussed was to develop the theme from my first assignment further. I felt that I achieved what I set out for originally but that the series asked the connection to the human impact of poverty. During my shooting session for assignment 1 I met the founders of a homeless charity who were kind enough to offer the opportunity to shoot their drop in centre located in Manchester city centre. I felt this would be an opportunity to explore the human impact of depravity that I feel was lacking from the assignment 1 series.

Having discussed this with my tutor, his suggestion was to try and utilize this opportunity to also provide support for those involved and dependent on the services provided by the charity, whilst also creating an opportunity to publicize my work in the future.

I reached out the the founders to discuss ideas around the subject provided for assignment 2 and how I can use my work to support the charity. Following this first contact it was arranged to visit the drop in centre on the Sunday afternoon to experience what happens on site and meet the centre manager and volunteer team.

Unfortunately the founders weren’t able to meet me at the site but the centre manager was very helpful, engaged with my ideas and supportive of the work needed to complete the work. A further meeting will be arranged to begin the planning of the work together.

For me, I found the experience rewarding having spent three hours in the kitchens preparing and serving food for those who visited the site for support. It was an opportunity to meet those who give their time and find out more about the reason they do the work whilst also seeing what impact it has on those in need.

Having worked in charity previously, I didn’t discover anything outside of my own expectations but it helped cement the ideas I want to communicate with this upcoming series. I feel I may continue on with the theme throughout the unit and build a collection across all 5 assignments.

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