This weekend marks the start of my new journey into photography. After years of toying with cameras and ideas, I took the plunge and began my first ever degree.

Formal education has never really sat with me, I’m impulsive and inconsistent, sometimes struggling to focus on one task or aspiration for long periods of time. But after 15 years building a career in retail I recently changed to a role in education and have found that whilst my core personality has remained I’ve grown and changed into a person who can manage my development areas more effectively. I suppose the work I have had over the years has caused these changes and with most things, the ones that truly engage my interest stick with me throughout life.

To begin with I have not yet received my course paperwork or even had a discussion with my tutor around the expectations and objectives for the future. I do know that my first assignment will be on ‘Square Mile’ without further brief it’s an ambiguous title that has already got the little cogs moving.

I enjoy the challenge the next few years will present and the discovery opportunities the degree will open up. For now, I will be blogging every week to record my progress and to float ideas. The reflection it offers is useful for me to process thoughts and embed what I learn along the way.

I look forward to anyone feeding back on what I write and publish.


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