Assignment 5 – Concept

I’ve been mulling over for several weeks, even months what I could possibly do for Assignment 5. I have found it hard to look past the title, as always with these projects, so I have decided to embrace this instead. Being an open brief, I find I keep picking up and putting down ideas, sometimes because I don’t see how to flesh them out and sometimes because I feel they are unachievable at this time. One thing that I do consistently come back to is that I need to include as many learning points from my previous work as possible. I don;t want to force them in but I feel I will show myself that I have learnt from each assignment by doing so.

Going back to the brief title, ‘Photography is Simple’, I keep resting on taking this as a literal statement. A statement on the type of photography prevalent in the world today , its subjects, mediums and platforms.

My question is, is art new, inspired, reinterpreted, stolen? Have we come back to a time were pop culture can be art? Or is the time right for another Andy Warhol or Lichtenstein?

As many of us do, I engage in social media, this is for many reasons. For keeping in touch, for checking people out, promoting business, promoting my photography, researching inspiration and ideas for assignments and projects, the list goes on. The question I pose is, ‘Is art recognised in modern mediums or have we fallen into the trap of celebrity?’

The answer, I feel is probably a mix of the two. I do believe that good art can break through but I also believe that celebrity gives creators a huge advantage. In a world were everyone can be seen by everyone and ignored by all, an individual of influence can reappropriate work as their own and bypass the process of discovery, just as in the way an artist with following can be plagiarised across the world despite having no reach beyond their county.

This brings us to my concept, if photography is simple and success comes from recognition can I use another’s work to amplify my own.

I don’t want to give away all the details until the project is shot but I do not intend on plagiarising work, instead, much like the pop artists before me simply reappropriate it convey a different message.

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